Our Vision:

To ignite leaders of organizations  

to value  and invest in

their biggest asset,

their people!

Our Mission:

Building inspired and engaged leaders

"Leadership is influence, nothing more nothing less"   

John C. Maxwell

Great leaders are good listeners, they are learners, they empower people, lead with influence and influence with their leadership. They may not be your best friend, but they will leave a void with their absence.

Anyone can manage and be a manager, but not everyone is adept in becoming a leader. Some people are indeed born leaders, but we strongly believe that each one of us has the potential of becoming a leader in our society, at home and at work.

It is never difficult to spot a great leader. They are confident without being arrogant, they are inclusive without making others feel left out, they share their experiences to create more leaders without making you feel inferior, they challenge you without being too critical, they listen without being aloof, they provide solutions without taking credit.

Of course, there is a lot more to being a leader, and that is where LeadershipU helps you understand and unlock the hidden potential you have. We @ LeadershipU have a dream of helping others realize their own potential and helping companies understand the potential they already possess in the form of their existing employees.

A great Captain of a ship navigates his/her ship and crew through murky waters. A great Captain of a team leads with example, creates more leaders and makes others aspire to be a part of his/her team. Similarly, great leaders in an organization, lead the company to greatness. 

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What our clients have to say about us….

“April and the leadershipU team devised and facilitated a two day leadership training weekend retreat for the Essentially You management team.  Throughout the planning and preparation process April’s attention to detail and commitment to understanding the functionality of our health care organization was outstanding.  April demonstrated a depth and range of knowledge, skills and professionalism that were exemplary.  Moreover, April was able to connect with the team in an engaging, thought provoking and encouraging manner, whereby enabling individuals to step out of their comfort zones and take risks.  April applied effective communication techniques underpinned by a comprehensive understanding and delivery of the principles, tools and resources applicable to building and maintaining successful organizational leadership.  I can confidently attest the Essentially You management team are without doubt better equipped to lead our organization through the next period of growth and development.”

-Maxine Fyffe-Roberts MSW, PgDip (Mgmt.), B.Sc (Hons) in Social Work 
Founder/Clinical Director Essentially you

It is rare to find an individual like April who is both equally talented as both a trainer facilitator and program designer. When an organization makes a decision to bring someone from the outside to both design and facilitate it could be challenging as this person needs to quickly understand the organization needs. This was not a challenge for April as she immediately connected with everyone who she met within our organization, efficiently figured out our goals and delivered an outstanding Customer Service training program. The program April designed made a positive first impression on the day of delivery to our teams and we have seen the impact from this training within our organization in the days that have followed. I would highly recommend April to any organization looking both someone to design and facilitate a training program on leadership development/customer service where I know April can provide her expertise.

Heather Saba
Director, Volunteer Outreach and Engagement
Habitat for Humanity GTA

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